Cassandra Morano

3rd Year Bachelor of Commerce Student – Operations Management

Presidential Platform

My name is Cassandra Morano and I am excited to announce that I will be running in the upcoming Haskayne Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS) elections to continue my role as CUS President for the 2019-2020 term. The experiences and knowledge I attained from being in this role this past year has enabled me to develop leadership qualities and helped me to understand the CUS culture and processes that will serve to be an asset as I support next year’s team in our upcoming endeavours.

During this current term as CUS President, I was able to work with my team and other Haskayne Student Clubs (HSC) to create amazing opportunities and events for the Haskayne undergraduate student body which enhanced their student experience and institute a sense of Haskayne pride.

As a strong advocate for student life, I would like to continue my focus on increasing Haskayne student body engagement and strengthening the Haskayne community. I plan on achieving this through:

  • Maintaining Strong Relationships with Haskayne Student Clubs:
    As the umbrella club for all HSC, having a strong sense of the HSC community is an integral component of being the CUS President and overall strengthening the Haskayne community. This past year, I have been able to foster positive relationships amongst other HSC and developed a sense of understanding with regards to the HSC processes. For the upcoming year, I will continue to develop these relationships and provide on-going support towards other HSC events and to advocate for all members. I will provide opportunities for inter-club collaboration to create Haskayne events that are inclusive and accessible to all Haskayne students for a chance to network, connect, and celebrate together.
  • Providing Opportunities and Support for First-Year and Second-Year Students:
    A major component in the CUS mission is to “foster future business leaders” in the Haskayne student body. Continuing to create events which empower first-year and second-year students is important in achieving this mission. I will be continuing the promotion of programs and events such as case competitions, professional development workshops, and other HSC initiatives which are geared towards first-year and second-year cohorts. This will provide students with the necessary experience which will develop their soft and technical skills, fostering a sense of confidence and enabling them to be successful in their future undergraduate or career endeavours.
  • Continuing Partnerships with Corporate Calgary and Haskayne Centres:
    This past year, CUS had an amazing opportunity to partner with companies from corporate Calgary and various Haskayne Centres which allowed CUS to facilitate large-scale but inexpensive events for students. These partnerships provided the Haskayne students with an avenue to participate in events that not only enhance their professional and academic development but extended their connections within the alumni and corporate Calgary community. Seeking out new and maintaining current partnerships within and outside the Haskayne community will be essential in creating events that are not only accessible but will provide significant value to the undergraduate students.