CUS Presidential Election 2017

Aaron Borchert has won the presidential election for the CUS 2017/18 year. Please read his platform below.


Aaron Borchert

Biography: My name is Aaron Borchert, and I am a second-year Haskayne student working towards completing a dual degree in Finance and Economics. Outside of school, I work as a lifeguard at Vivo for Healthier Generations, which has helped strengthen my leadership skills tremendously. My hobbies include health & fitness, and thrill-seeking out in the mountains. I joined the Haskayne Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS) as a General Consultant in the fall of my first year, and I am currently a Director of Community Development. Being in CUS has helped me make valuable connections and discover many different opportunities that I would not have been aware of otherwise, and I am ready to put the lessons from these experiences into action. I am excited to be running for President, as I want to give back to CUS and wish to see it thrive in years to come. With your vote, I will work with you, the students, to achieve these goals. During my term, I hope to focus on:

Student Engagement: My primary goal for CUS in the coming year is to increase engagement within CUS, as well as outside of CUS. Many members of CUS have felt that attending the required number of events per semester can be challenging because there have been very few small events in addition to the larger, more expensive, and well-known events such as Dress & Dine or Business Day. I will work to implement regular social events that not only CUS members may attend, but other Haskayne students may participate in as well. Through inclusive promotion of CUS during orientation week, we will endorse some of the initiatives that are organized by CUS to give incoming students something to look forward to. In addition, I want the CUS website to showcase various achievements by Haskayne students, whether it be case competition wins, or outstanding academic merit.

Partnership with Faculty and Haskayne Student Clubs: I aspire to have an excellent relationship with faculty, as well as other Haskayne student clubs. Leveraging our relationship with faculty and trusting their expertise will help CUS to have greater success as a club through reinforcement and alignment of goals. I want to join forces with the Haskayne Students’ Association (HSA), as well as other clubs to collaborate with the planning and promotion of events. When clubs support each other, it allows everyone to feel as though they are part of a community of business students and not an exclusive “guild”. Lastly, I will ensure that there is financial transparency. All spending will be accounted for, and financial statements will be prepared for the public to view. This will help ensure greater accountability for the CUS team, as well as build trust with faculty and students.

Cohesiveness Between Levels of Club Members: I plan to develop a structured system that helps members understand what is expected of them when they join CUS. This will ensure that everyone has a purpose and direction, and that there is appropriate communication of relevant information between all levels of the club. I will employ my excellent time management and organizational skills to put this plan into action. By prioritizing responsibilities, I will ensure that everyone involved has advanced notification of meeting times and events.