Executive Council

Photograph: 2016/17 CUS Executive Council

Senior Executive

President – Aaron Borchert – aaron.borchert@cuscalgary.ca

VP Operations & Finance – Kale Mah-Vierling – kale.mahvierling@cuscalgary.ca

VP Corporate Relations – Connor McConvey – connor.mcconvey@cuscalgary.ca

VP Corporate Relations – Justin Kwong – justin.kwong@cuscalgary.ca

VP Events – Sammi Latter – sammi.latter@cuscalgary.ca

VP Academic – May Shendye – may.shendye@cuscalgary.ca

VP Community Development – Kennedy Stoker – kennedy.stoker@cuscalgary.ca

VP Marketing & Communications – Korede Akinde – korede.akinde@cuscalgary.ca

Executive Council

The Executive Council of CUS are the people behind the planning and execution of CUS’ events and initiatives. Without them, work would not be done. Below is a list of the 2017/2018 Executive team by portfolio!
Operations & Finance

Director of Control: Khav Kumar

Director of Store: Daniel Tse

Director of Operations: Yakobus Sirait


Director of Corporate Relations: Iyanu Ojekale, Aurora Lumi, John Leier, Rochelle Shvarts, Daniel Jovanovic, Graham Brunning


Director of Student Engagement & Social Events: Bo Glaser & Cassandra Morano

Director of YEBB: Madison Brittner & Natalie Chen

Director of Dress & Dine: Arba Radaj & Erika MacLean

Director of Business Day: Vicky Luu & Aniket Sagar


Director of EY Leadership Program: Gabriel Guevara & Taya Vale

Director of Case Competition: Eric Richardson, Ragini Mehta, Syed Ahmed, and Dean Labbe

Director of Student Services: Ameen Sandhu

Director of Lunch with Leaders: Dustin King

Community Development

5 Days for the Homeless Co-Chairs: Carson Petrowich & Khoa Nguyen

Director of Spicing Up Spaces: Larry Luu & Chantelle Kent

Director of Charity: Serena Sajan & Myles Fitzhenry

Marketing and Communications

Manager of Public Relations and Negotiations: Ananya Ayachit

Manager of Products and Merchandise: Jana Janevska

Manager of Website: Kelsey Nealon

Manager of Logistics: Jake Hanevelt

Manager of Social Media: Sarah Hebner

Public Relations Representative: Gabriella Marcil, Alice Liu, Hameet Toor, Keyede Akinde, and Mikayla MacLeod