Executive Council

Photograph: 2016/17 CUS Executive Council

Senior Executive

President – Aaron Borchert – cuspresident@gmail.com

VP Operations & Finance – Kale Mah-Vierling

VP Corporate Relations – Connor McConvey

VP Corporate Relations – Justin Kwong 

VP Events – Sammi Latter 

VP Academic – May Shendye 

VP Community Development – Kennedy Stoker 

VP Marketing & Communications – Korede Akinde 

Executive Council

The Executive Council of CUS are the people behind the planning and execution of CUS’ events and initiatives. Without them, work would not be done. Below is a list of the 2017/2018 Executive team by portfolio!
Operations & Finance

Director of Control: Khav Kumar

Director of Store: Daniel Tse

Director of Operations: Yakobus Sirait


Director of Corporate Relations: Iyanu Ojekale, Aurora Lumi, John Leier, Rochelle Shvarts, Daniel Jovanovic, Graham Brunning


Director of Student Engagement & Social Events: Bo Glaser & Cassandra Morano

Director of YEBB: Madison Brittner & Natalie Chen

Director of Dress & Dine: Arba Radaj & Erika MacLean

Director of Business Day: Vicky Luu & Aniket Sagar


Director of EY Leadership Program: Gabriel Guevara & Taya Vale

Director of Case Competition: Eric Richardson, Ragini Mehta, Syed Ahmed, and Dean Labbe

Director of Student Services: Ameen Sandhu

Director of Lunch with Leaders: Dustin King

Community Development

5 Days for the Homeless Co-Chairs: Carson Petrowich & Khoa Nguyen

Director of Spicing Up Spaces: Larry Luu & Chantelle Kent

Director of Charity: Serena Sajan & Myles Fitzhenry

Marketing and Communications

Manager of Public Relations and Negotiations: Ananya Ayachit

Manager of Products and Merchandise: Jana Janevska

Manager of Website: Kelsey Nealon

Manager of Logistics: Jake Hanevelt

Manager of Social Media: Sarah Hebner

Public Relations Representative: Gabriella Marcil, Alice Liu, Hameet Toor, Keyede Akinde, and Mikayla MacLeod