Executive Council

Photograph by Babur Ilchi: 2018/19 CUS Executive Council

Senior Executive

President – Cassandra Morano – cuspresident@gmail.com

Executive VP – Andrew Huynh cusvpexec@gmail.com

VP Operations & Finance – Ameen Sandhu – cusvpopfi@gmail.com

VP External Laidan Besler cusvpexternal1@gmail.com

VP Events – Anna Gevorgyan cusvpevents1@gmail.com

VP Academic – Lucy Chen – cusvpacademic1@gmail.com

VP Community Development – Mikayla MacLeod – cusvpcommunitydevelopment@gmail.com

VP Marketing & Communications – Keyede Akinde – cusvicepmarketing@gmail.com

Executive Council

The Executive Council of the CUS are the people behind the planning and execution of the CUS’ events and initiatives. Without them, work would not be done. Below is a list of this year’s executive team by portfolio!
Operations & Finance

Controller: Serena Sajan

Accounting Manager: Orlando Joffre

Operations Coordinator: Alec Bundalian

Director of Haskayne Hut: Stephen Wu


Director of Corporate Relations (Academic): Colton Cuckow & Easton Dunn

Director of Corporate Relations (Community Development): Mackenzie Goulding

Director of Corporate Relations (Events): Disha Minhas & Jake Sobochan


Director of Human Resources: Michelle Cheung

Director of Internal Relations & Engagement: Theoren Saik & Bailey Anderson


Dress & Dine Coordinator: Natalie Bauer & Dawn De Vera

Business Day Coordinator: Jazmin Smyth & Melissa Bhakri


Director of EY Leadership Program: Julie Su & Bianca Roxas

Director of Case Competition (Fall): Gabriel Guevara & Jennifer Jang

Director of Case Competition (Winter): Syed Ahmed & Jason Ho

Director of Professional Development: Christian Herrera & Angela Ho

Community Development

Director of 5 Days for the Homeless: Eric Zhang & Jenna Elmquist

Director of Spicing Up Spaces: Aidan Donald

Director of Charity: Larry Luu & Monica Uppal

Marketing and Communications

Director of Joint Venture & Business Development: Jenny Yao

Merchandise Manager: Jack Mladen

Website Manager: Kelsey Nealon

Social Media Coordinator: Shaelynn Braithwaite

Director of Marketing: Gabriella Marcil, Vaishnav Hari, Aman Kurji, Nadir Elbaroudi

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